RED L❤VE BANDIT⚘🔥💄©jloves 💋

The darkness of her past reeked of havoc and despair.The struggle saturated her pain.When she looked in the mirror she was fat with grief. Her red aura transformed to black rage. Repenting she prays for better days.                   RED❤BANDIT                     Her hair was WILD and crazy!! 

Her swagger red hot swayze.

Her lips drenched in red gravy.
Her toes her nails are painted red. Her wrath a burning flare
Robbin hearts everywhere
Her red light glares she enters the room all eyes stare.
Her composure unique and full aware. She’s a BANDIT but no one knows she’s only cheating herself not her foes.
She lives happily tho some days she’s in a kamikaze state.

How much love will she continue to forsake.

How many more fake ones will she endure before the actual Real One comes along.


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