As an Author on it’s with great pride I design and write my wildest poetry pieces Visit JLOVE’S WILDFLOWERS Sanctuary a WILD garden of words, quotes, memoirs, poetry pieces, & projects from DucesWILD Talent Management  I am an artist My words  My story  Profound testimony A wilderness of flaws, triumphs, trials, and tribulations. Jloveswild  

Jlove’sWild In Florida 

A DREAMER  April 21st I left NYC to go WILD in Florida. 21 days of Wildness​. I had the opportunity to spend quality time with my Mother, family, old friends, and new friends!!!!  When I landed in Orlando, I was already flustered about fraudulent charges that were done to my account. Couldn’t even pay an…


Hello my dearest fellow bloggers and wild souls. I have been documenting street art in Florida. My mother Carmen moved here two years ago. The morning of my flight from NYC to Orlando. I had fraudulent charges in my bank account. Some unfortunate soul wiped me out clean. Two days after I landed. I attended…

The Starving Artist

Regardless of the struggles I’m currently going through I wake up everyday smiling fighting my weaknesses. Utilizing my faults to learn and make things better. I am wild J hear me roar. If you spread LOVE, ART, and NOT WAR please knock on my door. Jlove’s WILD A voice of inspiration to all artistic souls.

DucesWILD Talent Management

April 7th DucesWild Talent Management was created in the Bronx. Spreading ART spreading LOVE IS OUR GOAL! For all street artists who want to GET WILD OR DIE TRYIN BE PART OF THE WILD MOVEMENT #SPREADART #SPREADLOVE #DUCESWILD Contact