An Old Flame

Just went through my old email address !!
Found conversations saved that consist of a WILD love that once lived.
Unique wildness, a powerful force to be reckoned with consumed our harsh reality.

Through life holding on to this love; we both endured the wrath of our drowning. A fatal death in a tall glass filled of pain.

We held on. Setting fire to the rage. LIKE ADELE setting fire to the rain. We met in our So called younger days. Two young souls trapped in older bodies. Fighting the norm for the fantasy of living on.
Suppressing all the dark roads. Paving a path of self destruction. Neither of us are to blame.

Flames fuled a wild love on fire. An eternal burn. Manifestation of emotions glaring. Dwelling in the unknown.

This Wild Love we once shared is it gone ?
Can it still be here ?


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