Alot of people have asked what is jloves Wildflowers ?

Hello everyone sorry I have been MIA.

I’m currently in the process of moving Jlove’s Wild Garden to another location. It’s with great sadness that I will be leaving North Bergen NJ

Anyone who knows me, is aware of the stress I get from packing up everything and starting all over again.

What are Jlove’s Wildflowers ? My definition of Wildflowers is too personal. A truthful divine piece of my soul that I am willing to show.


  • Triumphs you achieve 
  • Unexplainable experiences 
  • Mistakes that scar you for life 
  • Flashbacks that make you cry 

I believe thoughts that refuse to get lost in your brain are wildflowers that should be written and forever framed. Like a genuine piece of art, a masterpiece of the soul created with your heart.

Wildflowers can be photographic memories I express through words. Leaving you no choice but to imagine the emotions I feel without a picture or a voice.


  • Challenges you can and cannot win
  • Sacred moments that will never be forgotten 
  • Ride awakenings that will forever blue your vision 
  • Happiness 
  • Depression

Wildflowers transform your relationships with love, fear, and your true self. Some people will not help wildflowers grow because they’re ashamed of the petals that will fall. Most pepe are only by your side when your flowers are strong and tall.

No one can deny it’s always interesting to know about someone’s dark side. Their true inner feelings upon their life and the world that surrounds them. You can’t help but listen when people reveal their sacred soul. You desperately want to know the Wildness they posses and continue to withhold. Of course in revealing the depths of your soul, harsh times will follow. Especially because of those who will never understand what you believe.

Right now during my wildflower moments in life; pen and paper is the only thing I trust in to confide. I hope others read my Wildflowers. All I wish is that one flower can reflect on their lives. 

Jonilee Maldonado 

Owner of Jlove’s Wildflowers 

Author of Wildflowers              (A teenagers memoir)

Jlee Maldonado was a teen mom who never seemed to grow up !!!! She’s wild with her young soul.

Getting pregnant at the tender age of 14 while living with her bi polar mother in Massachusetts.

Life became extremely difficult for jlee.20170221_123210.png

Her journey through this Wilderness we call life is unlike any other you’ve seen or heard.

Stay tuned for more of Wildflowers: A teenagers memoir.

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