*Wildflower Moments* 1/14/17 – 1/29/17 Poetry Piece Mentioned In Article#101 : Dead Flowers Grow

I have edited and added photos to this article. MY apologies for the delay .

Jlove's Wildflowers


Neighborhood : The Village/ The Lower East Side
Featured Location : 8 Orchard st. { MAX FISH }
Me and Kristina are at my place in North Bergen, N.J. {Wildflower Gardens}
*Jlove’s Wildflowers Headquarters; Where Artistic Visuals & Poetry attain life.
 I was commuting home from work in Soho, when I got a text reminder of Girls Night from my bestie & confidant Kristina Russo. Her text was that she was on her way to Wildflower Gardens. Her message describing how she was all dolled up looking adorable as ever. I get in to my home, grateful to indulge in total creative mode. I had been trapped in a productive exhausting day at Devachan Salon in Soho. Joyfully I shouted “Kristinas!!!” My nickname for her. I’m well known by my {THE BORO 10752} peeps; whom…

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