The Flower Butterfly

It’s been a hard transition from being a full-time career woman and a single mother to a freelancing starving artist. With all my sacred trinkets, cherished belongings, and furniture piled up in a storage space in North Bergen NJ, I desperately crave my own place to call home. 

Thankful to all my family and friends who have been supportive of my journey as I full fill my wildest dreams.

At the age of 35 with a 20 year old daughter who is still struggling in the real world. A 14 year old son who became to much to handle. He made it impossible to not have him go live with his father.

This has been extremely difficult to carry within. A new chapter in this Wilderness of life has now began.


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  1. Not easy information to divulge. Keep moving forward! Can’t stop, won’t stop.

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