Jlove’sWild In Florida 


 April 21st I left NYC to go WILD in Florida. 21 days of Wildness​. I had the opportunity to spend quality time with my Mother, family, old friends, and new friends!!!! 
When I landed in Orlando, I was already flustered about fraudulent charges that were done to my account. Couldn’t even pay an Uber to Kissimmee. Mom got an Uber and came to pick me up. She was beyond happy to see me. She screamed and put her arms around me so tight.

Excited to be in the sun first thing I did was change into my bikini and head for the pool. Posting happily that I had arrived in Florida, caused a social media frenzy. Many people reaching out to me out of no where like hey you’re in town let’s link up.

I was truly blessed to have gotten the opportunity to visit the west art District in Orlando and the Wynwood Walls in Miami. I took a ton of photos. I’m currently working on new blog posts. Stay tuned. 

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