*WILD WEEKENDS* My passion for Graffiti & Street Art in NYC

Wildflower Souls make your weekend Wild.

Friday Night Digs – February 17, 2017 

Location: Soho & The Lower East Side NYC  

I was at it again hunting for the next Graff wall or door. 

Many people in my life arent aware of my fascination with Graffiti & street art.         The obsession goes back to my childhood. Growing up in Spanish Harlem, I often found street art & Graff writings everywhere. My favorite pieces of art in New York City were the murals outside canvasing many neighborhoods. Graff writing originated in New york City streets. In the late 1970s The Graffiti Hall of Fame in NYC came to life. Graff writers had a home. Many visiting from all parts of the world to view or partcipate in the Graff Art Movement. For more on this historical site Follow Graffiti Hall of Fame on Facebook.

20170218_235009Not far from my dads block, east 109th street was the infamous Graffiti Hall of Fame. Located on Park Ave in the heart of El Barrio. An entire school yard became a gallery that showcased many talented street artists. The very first time I saw these masterpieces entailed of spectacular unique designs; I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mesmerized slowly I approached the art. Saturated in vibrant shades of every color. It all seemed larger than life. Instantly my love for street art was deeply rooted in my creative soul. A Wildflower seed was planted. For some odd reason my tiny hands couldnt wait to feel the texture of the bricks. Desperate to see all the shapes & bubble letters. I was compelled to view the art up close. Discovering a new world within my vivid imagination.I simply stood in complete awwww. Admiring the raw beauty of it all.

As I got older I became curious about the talent behind those magical pieces.   Infatuated with the controversal history of street art my crave grew.

Eager to explore the soul of these artists who thrive in a realm all their own.               The hunting started. I’ve captured hundreds of photos in Soho, Chinatown, and The Lower East Side, for almost 2 years. What started off as a little girls unique passion for art, quickly became a hobby during my lunch break at work in my adult life.       Suddenly transforming from a hobby into an exhilarating ritual. My colleagues of course had their share of laughs thinking I was a total weirdo. Few of my friends understood. Soon I learned there were more Graff lovers out there. Sharing the passion for the art just the same. I remained a true street art fanatic. Wild artsy escapades consumed most of my days. My visions came to life. Photos I took transitioned, remitting a profound purpose within my wild soul. Street Art & Graffiti inspired me to write. Vigourisly the arts became my muse.

For a few years my creative writing & poetry dissipated. Graff Artistry exceptionally refuled a fire in me that had been put out for too long. Forever grateful I continue my journey. Flames of poetry ignited a wild fire. Now in deeper than I had originally planned out for, I have devleoped an urge. I need to know their story. Explore their wild soul. I am not only hunting for their art, but the grittiness of it all. I find myself pondering who are these people?


Let the adventures begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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