*JLOVE’S WILD GARDEN* Still Art Location: North Bergen, NJ

Depending on how artsy I feel; I design and create with whatever touches my soul at the moment. I Just recently transformed my living room into Jlove’s Wild Garden. I have taken several different pictures of this Wild creative space. I have written some great pieces of work in Jlove’s Wild Garden, I enjoy crafting a creative ambiance. It soothes my restlessness. Gives me peace & serenity. Inspires while boosting my creative writing. I’ve had several friends come by to take a look. Some love it while others don’t. The beauty of it all is that it’s quite unique and pretty interesting to look at. Best part about is I made it.

The art & photos are all of family, idols, & friends. The trinkets, keepsakes, and souvenirs showcased in Jlove’s Wild Garden; are made or purchased by me. As well as tokens I’ve collected through the years during my travels. Many of my souvenirs have been given as gifts as well. One friend said to me, “it looks like a gift shop from Woodstock New York”. Another creative soul expressed to me, it’s a “shrine of your wild soul”. 

Craft and Create your very own Still Art Wild Garden.


First you need to find and dedicate a space or room preferably in your home.                                    I have done still art outside of my creative domain. I have created great pieces in friends and families homes as well. However first time Wild Garden creators should start in their home first. Master what you feel and represent inside within the comforts and inspirations of your own home.

To create your own Wild Garden all you really need is a collection of your favorite books, magazines, art, and photos. Collages you’ve made is a plus. Everyone has unusual devine intereststs. I’ve listed several tools, props, & supplies, that i used for my still art visual.

You will need to advance your visual art garden. Going to an arts & crafts store is fun try it. Bring your ideas to life. One of my favorite places is http://www.Michaels.com 

  • Fake or Real Flowers
  • Hot glue gun
  • souvenirs
  • candle holders
  • seashells
  • paint
  • glitter
  • stickers
  • construction paper
  • colored pencils
  • old picture frames
  • vase’s
  • stones
  • old jewelry
  • poster board
  • construction paper
  • ribbon
  • marbles
  • plants
  • mirrors
  • candles
  • flower pots

{Think of what makes you feel at ease}                                                                                  

  {Imagine yourself in an art gallery of your inner soul}

What makes you Wild ?  What are you most passionate about ?  What memories or ambitions do you hold deep inside?  Gather memorabilia of family interests, idols, and friends for display. Look through old boxes of your childhood. Find old post cards, newspaper articles, and letters. Organize your journey thus far. Praise your good doings. Smile even at the times you have failed. Cherish where you are from.  Include your culture in your vision. Enjoy discovering your true being as you formulate art. Love you all.

Spread Art !!! Spread Love !!!!



  • Wildflower Arrangements
  • Wild Trinkets
  • Keepsakes
  • Poetry Pieces                            Email jloveswild@gmail.com20170205_123459




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  1. Susan says:

    Your post encourages me to make my “writing space” a more creative / inspiring place. I have notes all over the wall for story ideas, etc. It needs warmth – thanks for helping me realize this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Susan,
      I’m super honored and proud it’s like a dream come true that I’ve inspired someone like you thank you for reading and following


  2. fitnessgrad says:

    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page, I appreciate the support and look forward to taking a look at your page and reading some of your post.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello it’s awesome to meet you and hear from you thank you I appreciate the love and support #spreadlove #SPREADART #shareurpassion #SHAREART #becreative #STAYWILD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow you have such lovely posts and things here! Wonderful blog my friend. I was taking some time to look around! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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