Sorrows Of A Flower Princess 

A wilted flower princess that once lived wild.

 Bared a heavy crown of diamonds and gold.  Youthful, sensitive & bold, she began feeling tired and old. Carrying the weight of others on her weak shoulders. Giving all she could. Still she was completely misunderstood. 

Everyone shaming her saying she speaks way too much. Not realizing that was part of her unique flare and such.

None of them understanding her passion for life and the arts they all treated her crudely. Behind her back they tarnished her name. She slowly began to wither away.

What was left of her glorious wild petals fell to the ground.She hopelessly watched them fluster around. Scrutinizing her unique colors. Compromising all that she loved. She became stronger but still she wept in silence    To numb the pain & evilness of others, she slept  often, ignoring her reality. 

Desperately seeking inner peace hoping for a better tomorrow, the Wildflower Princess devoured her sorrows. She lived on courageously battling her tribulations.      

She’d wake in the peaceful mist of morning dew.    Miserably bewildered   blossoming in a garden of doom. The gorgeous princess  transitioned from a lively ecstatic pink to a mortified dead shade of blue. However she remained tall, became stronger, and grew.

She no longer wept alone in silence. She no longer cared for rest. She mastered the art of passing the ultimate test: living and thriving regardless of the rest.


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